Introduction of React Native

I have a good news for developers to become both Android as well as iOS developer. Yes, it’s true and it has been possible through an open source JavaScript library developed by Facebook named as “React Native“. You have to write code in JavaScript and run in android to make an “apk” and run same code in Xcode to make an “ipa” file. 😀

React Native

What is React Native:

React Native is an open source JavaScript library developed by Facebook in 2015, which is used to build mobile apps for both leading Android and iOS phones. Developers won’t have to write code from scratch and can reuse maximum code in order to develop app. With React Native you don’t write any HTML app, any Web app or any hybrid app. You build a real mobile app. React Native uses UI building blocks similar as iOS and android apps.

Features of React Native:

React Native has many features, which you will know, when you will play with React Native, but mainly these are the very basic features of React Native:

  • Fast.
  • Native.
  • Real mobile app.
  • Easy to learn and understand.

Limitations of React Native:

  • Native Components.


  1. Nice tutorial sir, You have done a good Job. I looking forward to see your website again.

  2. gud one… its an amazing thing… well xpressed… easier to build apps without being a programming aficionado..

  3. It’s amazing and so understandable. I was looking for such a site to learn React native. Thank you so much for such a tutorial capital.

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