Basic Angular framework Introduction

Guys, Today we are going to start a new, fresh and advanced technology called Angular framework and In this tutorial I am giving a brief and Basic Angular framework Introduction. Ya guys, starting from this tutorial, I am going to start a series of tutorials for web also. I think every web developer and react native developer heard about Angular framework and if anyone who is not familiar with angular or even not heard about angular framework then this tutorial is for you guys. Through this tutorial I am giving a brief introduction about angular framework.

So let’s get started…

Basic Angular framework Introduction:

angular framework introduction

We all are familiar with javascript and jquery and most of us have worked on these libraries. These are client side libraries which are used to create client side web applications. We also know managed code improves quality of our code, our efficiency and also very helpful for debugging. So, when we work with javascript, jquery then it’s not easy to manage our code in efficient manner because when we work on any project then due to code’s length and it’s complexity, it’s not easy to manage, organize the code in efficient, effective manner. So, to over come these types of limitations the javascript frameworks become popular for client side. Today, we have many javascript frameworks for both desktop and mobile applications. Such as react native framework for mobile applications and angular framework for both web and mobile applications and many more frameworks. All frameworks have their own advantages and limitations. So, we can’t say that this framework is best and this is worst because it depends upon requirements.

History of Angular framework:

At the initial stage angular was just Angular JS because at that time it’s simply a js file like jquery and you had to include this file in your html to use the features of angular same as jquery but in 2016 the Google released Angular as a framework with many more powerful features and it’s completely different from the Angular JS and after that Angular JS was deprecated and now Angular used as a framework and seriously Angular is very interesting and useful framework for frontend developers. Angular framework picks one special feature from it’s deprecated JS version and it’s Two-Way data binding concept.

Basically Angular is used to create Single Page Applications (SPAs). Angular framework is an javascript framework and based on MVC concpt and it’s provides many more powerful features such as Modules, Components, Directives, Pipes, Services etc. I will explain these features in detail in my future angular tutorials.

And now the latest version of Angular framework is 6.

And I want to share my personal experience about Angular JS and Angular framework. I have used both. Initially, when I used Angular JS, seriously I didn’t like this and when It was released as framework then at that time my opinion was same but I have learned and tried this framework from starting and now I felt that my opinion was wrong with respect to Angular famework and then I have started to work with framework and I assure you that you will love to work with Angular framework.


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